Thursday, March 4, 2010

New Spamhaus block list

Spamhaus has just announced a new block list, the Domain Block List, here:

This is a great concept - it's designed to foil 'Snowshoe' spammers.  Those are the folks who use a wide array of addresses to spam from, thus spreading out the spam load over hundreds or thousands of addresses - the same way a snowshoe spreads your weight out over the snow.  It's very difficult to block, because they're constantly registering/spamming from/losing addresses.

But the spam payload is usually linked to a domain, and that's what the DBL is designed to block.  The DBL is not an IP blocklist - it lists actual domains; it's not a normal RBL list.  For this reason, you'll need SpamAssassin 3.31.

Now, the bad news - 3.31 isn't out yet.  The minute it releases, I'll start testing this.

Spamhaus is the most solid, reliable set of blocklists out there, with an extremely low false positive rate.  I can't wait to try this out.

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